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Sterilene formulated for Coliform Bacteria

Sterilene is 200 times more effective at removing the environment for coliform bacteria in wells and pipelines. It is a sodium based, granular chlorine that does not require a control of pH using vinegar or acid to make it effective. Sterilene is far more effective than any other standard chlorine (liquid sodium hypochlorite or calcium hypochlorite) at a competitive price. This means a lower cost, no premixing, and far less failures.


  • NSF 60 Certified
  • 55% available chlorine
  • Granular but easy to mix, even in cold water
  • No premixing to control pH
  • No corrosive fumes so no corrosion in your trucks
  • No shelf life limitations... lasts forever!
  • Easy to use


Sterilene is non-oxidative which means,

  1. it will not cause corrosion.
  2. there are no corrosive fumes during usage.
  3. it will not oxidize soluble minerals in water, causing discoloration.
  4. there will be far less obtrusive, chlorine odors.
  5. there are no shipping or storage concerns.

Ships Class 55, noncorrosive and non-oxidative. It is granular product but mixes easily, even in cold water with no maximum saturation point. Sterilene does not have a shelf life which means the product remains stable over time.


Use Sterilene as you would regular chlorine, but do not pour the granules directly into a well. Mix 2 capfuls into 4-5 gal of water, then pour into the well. Recirculate with the pump, if desired. IF a failure occurs, the chlorine may not have physically reached the location of bacteria toward the bottom of the well. Follow directions on the label for 2 volumes of the well.


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