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Water System Neutralizers


Neutralizers are a good choice for your water system if you have water that has a low or high pH (range is 6.5-8.5). Low pH is visible as blue/green stains on fixtures, and is extremely corrosive to pipe and metal fixtures. Low ph can also interfere with the effectiveness of other water filtration, such as iron filters. By use of a media bed of corosex/calcite or soda ash, you can eliminate these problems by neutralizing your water.


  • Makes water less aggressive to plumbing by preventing corrosion.
  • Helps treatment equipment work more effectively.
  • Low cost to re-bed.
  • Improves taste of water.
  • Doesn't take up much space.


  • Test water annually.
  • Rebed the media every 1-3 years depending on pH and usage.