Well Cleaning & Well Maintenance Services

Your well needs maintenance too!

Regular well cleaning assists in preventing damage to the well screen, water pump and plumbing. With our unique Pulsar D10H service truck, we will clean your well of bacterial growth, mineral fouling, silt and sand.

Typical Well Results Include:

  • Improved water flow
  • Removal of iron build-up
  • Reduction of bacteria biofilm

Pulsar D10H water service truck

The Benefits of Well Remediation:


The table below lists the most common well problems that occur in the aquifer types listed. You will also see the typical maintenance frequency used by municipal well owners to resolve the problems.

Aquifer Type Most Prevalent Well Problems* Major Maintenance Frequency Requirement (Municipal)
Alluval Silt, clay, sand intrusion; iron precipitation; incrustation of screens; biologic fouling; limited recharge; casing failure 2-5 years
Sandstone Fissure plugging; casing failure; sand production; corrosion 6-10 years
Limestone Fissure plugging by clay, silt, and carbonate scale 6-12 years
Basaltic Lavas Fissure and vesicle plugging by clay and silt; some scale deposition 6-12 years
Interbedded Sandstone & Shale Low initial yields; plugging of aquifer by clay and silt; fissure plugging; limited recharge; casing failure 4-7 years
Metamorphic Low initial yield; fissure plugging by silt and clay; mineralization of fissures 12-15 years
Consolidated Sedimentary Fissure plugging by iron and other minerals; low to medium initial yield 6-8 years
Semiconsolidated & Consolidated Sedimentary Clay, silt, sand intrusion; incrustation of screens in sand and gravel wells; fissure plugging of limestone aquifers in the interbedded sand gravel, marl, clay, silt formations; biologic fouling; iron precipitation 5-8 years


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