Water Testing

Does your water have an unpleasant taste, foul odour or stain your fixtures? There could be unwanted mineral accumulation or harmful bacteria present in your well.

Our in-house lab provides accurate, affordable water testing that will allow us to determine the problem. Our knowledgeable staff will provide water treatment options that will meet your budget.

Water Sample Testing & Pricing

EDS Pumps In-House Lab:

  • In-House Chemical Water Analysis - $31.00*
  • In-House Bacteria Water Analysis - $39.00*†
  • In-House Biological Activity Reaction Test (BART) - $152.00*

Exova Labs:

  • Water Potability Test - $207.00*‡
  • Water Potability Test (4 Day Rush) - $284.00*‡
  • Water Potability Test (Realtor Rush) - $239.00* * ‡
  • Chemical Water Analysis - $126.00*‡
  • Bacteria Water Analysis - $60.00*‡†
  • Bacteria Water Analysis (Repeat Test) - $38.00*‡†
  • Arsenic Water Analysis - $43.00*‡
  • Fluoride Water Analysis - $37.00*‡
  • Phosphorus Water Analysis  - $30.00*‡
  • Silicone Water Analysis  - $29.00*‡
  • And more!

Drop by today to pick up a test kit from our store or call us toll-free at: 1 (800) 900-2220 or (604) 534-1115 to have one of our qualified technicians take the water samples and deliver them personally to Exova Labs. Please note a delivery charge may apply.

Should your water need treating or you already have a report our qualified staff at EDS Pumps will be pleased to review and recommend the appropriate treatment.

*Prices posted are subject to change and do not include applicable taxes.
* * Business card required.
These tests require special water sampling bottles please inquire.
Test performed by Exova at our available discount.