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Tanks - Pro-Source™ Epoxy Lined Tanks

pro source epoxy lined tanks

The EpoxyLine is an excellent corrosion-resistant tank available in a variety of sizes for use in water systems applications, as a retention tank or holding tank.

  • Quality Construction : The precision press fit head and wrapper minimize the possibility of large gaps between components. This manufacturing process reduces the possibility of corrosion and seam leaks.
  • Heavy Gauge Steel : Sturdy construction is emphasized, with heavier gauge steel than most tanks. This minimizes the possibility of dents from mishandling, and rust-through.
  • Powder Epoxy Coating : The insides of the tanks are electrostatically powder-coated and then are oven baked to ensure proper adhesion and consistent coverage. This paint process offers superior corrosion resistance over traditional wet paints.
  • Flush Mount Fittings : Designed to solve one of the toughest corrosion problems, these fittings eliminate flanges and sharp angles that make paint adherence difficult.