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Sump Pumps - SU33 Series

su25 su33 seris sump pump

Sump pumps fail because the fl oat switch is wedged against the basin wall or by debris. Failure is not an option with the Barnes SHUR-Switch sump pump. The pump provides innovative and high quality features at a competitive price.

** Also available in 1/4 HP (SU25) model, contact us for more information.

Key Product Characteristics and Benefits:

  • CSA and SSPMA certified
  • Top suction design to prevent air lock
  • Shrouded float for less chance of hang ups
  • Cast iron motor housing
  • Magnets activate switch as float rises and falls- less housing openings to prevent leak paths
  • Permanent split capacitor motor for reliable, high performance, longer motor life, greater starting torque, and lower amp draw
  • Dual single row ball bearings
  • Thermoplastic impeller
  • GFCI compatible for safety