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Sump Pumps - SP50 Series

sp33 sp50 sp75 seris sump pump

Barnes SP50 sump pumps feature low cost, high performance benefits from a rugged, heavy duty design. With upper and lower ball bearings and a heavy duty cast iron vortex impeller, Barnes SP50 sump pumps are robustly designed for long operational life and dependable service. They are further enhanced by a stainless steel shaft and hardware, plus an industrial grade mechanical seal.

** Also available in 80gpm (SP75) and 50gpm (SP33) models, contact us for more information.

Best Performance in the Industry:

  • Maximum flow rate to 66gpm
  • Maximum shutoff head of 33'
  • Permanent split capacitor motor for reliable, high performance, longer motor life, greater starting torque, and lower amp draw
  • Stainless steel hardware and shaft
  • 24 Month Warranty
  • GFCI compatible for safety

Interchangeability with other Sump Pumps

Barnes sump pumps save time and replacement costs because they are interchangeable with competing sump pump models. They require no additional plumbing when replacing most competitors’ pumps.

Design Options

  • Vertical or tethered fl oats are easily adjustable for varying conditions: diaphragm switches are also available. Manual operation model available if preferred.
  • Piggy back mounted switch – Eliminates need to pull pump to check for switch failure.

Compact Design

Enables pump to fi t into 5 gallon buckets or laundry tray systems.


  • Cast iron vortex impeller
  • 1/2” spherical solids capacity
  • Permanent split capacitor motor
  • Automatic thermal overload protection
  • Upper and lower ball bearings
  • CSA C/US listed
  • Stainless steel shaft hardware
  • Heavy duty industrial Type 21 carbon/ceramic seal