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Centrifugal Pumps - Type B Frame Mount End Suction

type b frame mount end suction centrifugal pump

Frame Mount End Suction Pumps are suitable for any application where the use of an independent power source (motor, engine, etc.) can be coupled to the pump shaft using a flexible coupling. End Suction pumps must be 'flooded' prior to operation.

  • Forty pump models, with flows to 5500 GPM, Pressures to 500 feet (215 psig).
  • Cast iron or silicon bronze impeller are available in wither packed or mechanical seal configurations.
  • Volute case - Back pull-out design allows easy removal and repair without disturbing piping connections, and completely exposes the impeller for flushing or service.
  • Heavy-Duty Power Frame designed for extended service life. Includes large shaft and large anti-friction bearings for maximum life and minimal shaft deflection.