Home Water Treatment & Water Testing Services

Well Cleaning & Rehabilitation Service

Regular well cleaning assists in preventing damage to the well screen, water pump and plumbing. With our unique Pulsar D10H service truck, we will clean your well of bacterial growth, mineral fouling, silt and sand.

Typical Results Include:

  • Improved water flow
  • Removal of iron build-up
  • Reduction of bacterial biofilm

Water Treatment & Testing Services

Does your water has an unpleasant taste, foul odor or stains your fixture? There could be unwanted mineral accumulation or harmful bacteria present in your well. Our in-house lab provides accurate, affordable water testing that will allow us to determine the problem. Our knowledgeable staff will provide water treatment options that will meet your budget.

20 Point Inspection

EDS offers a 20 Point Inspection service to home buyers, sellers and realtors. We review a home's entire water system and provide a comprehensive report on the condition of the equipment including water testing.

Flow Testing

EDS is able to provide flow measurement and water level information to homeowners, contractors and municipalities. Our precision equipment and testing capabilities will accurately determine the flow rate of a well or aquifer.

Reminder Service

Every water system needs maintenance. Regular maintenance will keep your water system operating safely and efficiently. With our Reminder Service, you will receive scheduled phone calls noting your systems maintenance requirements. A trained technician will be dispatched to get your water system working right.


EDS Pumps and Water Treatment Ltd. carries the largest selection of pumps and accessories in the province. Our technicians are highly trained and our pump installation and repair work is of the unequaled quality.

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