Water Treatment For Real Estate Applications

Real Estate applications
Real Estate applications

We are experts in evaluating current and potential water related issues in all real estate applications. Working together with realtors and homeowners, we provide critical assessments with recommended improvements and implementation costs.

Three critical things that need to be assessed for any purchase or sale of a property that has a private well are quality and quantity of the water and condition of the water treatment system.

Well Flow Testing

EDS is able to provide flow measurement and water level information to homeowners, realtors & contractors. Our precision equipment and testing capabilities will accurately determine the flow rate of a well or aquifer.

Water Testing

We can identify the source of foul odour or stained fixtures. Our in-house lab provides accurate, affordable water testing that allows us to identify the problem and provide water treatment options that will meet your budget. Learn More »

Water Systems Evaluation

As a part of the routine inspection process, EDS is able to also provide comprehensive water system evaluations. This process gives homeowners peace-of-mind, indicating any areas of concern that should be addressed and highlighting other areas that pass without need of worry.

As leaders in the industry, we also provide various training programs that help better equip the real estate market.

Our “Private Wells – What Realtors Should Know” course is specifically designed for realtors, Accredited by the BC Real Estate Association. Learn More »

** Be sure to contact one of our pump & water treatment experts today!  We can help recommend the perfect service(s) specific to your clients needs. Contact us »

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"The course was very good filled with such good information not covered anywhere else. Thanks you!"

"It was a great course full of useful information. Gave me the methodology to check well on a rural property."

"This course was great. Learned a lot! I will be sure to encourage a well inspection form my sellers"

"I really learned the importance of getting the well and water system inspected by a qualified and reputable company."

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