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Winterizing Your Water Well System

At EDS Pumps & Water Treatment Ltd., we understand the importance of properly winterizing your water well system. That is why we offer a selection of water treatment services for winterizing water well systems.

Protecting Your Water Well System from Winter Conditions

Winter weather conditions can occur during several months of the year. It is important to winterize you water well system to prevent frozen pumps and to protect your water treatment system and piping.

A frozen water pump causes more than the inconvenience of losing water for a while; it can also mean burst pipes, cracked water pumps and flooding once the frozen pipes warm up again.

The root cause of this problem is when air surrounding a water pipe drops below freezing, any heat in the water will transfer to the air and cause the water to freeze. Smaller pipes always freeze first because of the larger relative surface area; therefore, the ¼ inch lines to the pressure switches, which turn the water pump on and off, will be the first to freeze. A frozen pressure switch will not start the pump. A small heat source, like a heat lamp or heater, directed at the pressure switch will remedy this issue. Just remember that heat sources should be used prudently as overheated materials can ignite and start a fire. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Protecting Well Pumps in the Winter with a Pump House

Well pumps that are above ground usually have a small pump house built over them to protect the pump from the elements. It is important to have some heat in the pump house such as a thermostat-controlled baseboard heater. A well-built pump house, whether built of wood, cement blocks, or metal, should have insulation in the walls, the door, and the ceiling. Not having a heated pump house is asking for problems. Make sure all openings and doors are closed properly, keeping the heat in and the wind, which wicks the heat away, out. If your pressure tank is located in your garage, make sure it is heated and insulated from the cold and keep the garage door closed.

Insulation of any type will help to slow the transfer of heat in the water to the surrounding air but spending a little extra for thick fibreglass or foam rubber sleeves specifically designed for this purpose is worth the cost. Covering your pipes with foam insulating sleeves will prevent freezing for a number of hours even in a power failure.

Well Pump Winterizing Services from EDS Pumps & Water Treatment Ltd.

A frozen well pump or pipes can cause many preventable problems for homeowners. Winterize your well water pump long before the weather turns cold and care for it as you would the family car and it will give you years of worry free service.

For more information about winterizing your water well system, call EDS Pumps & Water Treatment Ltd. at 604-534-1115 and ask to speak with one of our Pump Specialists.