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Well Remediation

Wells age over time.  The aging process is caused by chemical, physical and biological processes.  Wells are a key component to homes and communities and as such, are a valuable resource.

The signs that a well is beginning to foul include:  reduced flow from the well, lower static water level, change in colour, turbid water discharge, sand or colloidal material, corrosion, or significant change in pH.

At EDS Pumps & Water Treatment Ltd., we recognize that ongoing well testing and record keeping are important.

Biofilms are generated by aerobic and anaerobic bacteria in different areas of the well environment.  The polysaccharide films will eventually expand to restrict or even close water entry into the screen resulting in loss of flow.

Mineral and physical fouling of a well occurs due to chemical reactions, usually involving oxygen, which create mineral incrustation.  Wells can also be fouled through hardness precipitation from iron, clay bridging, and sand infiltration.

Well remediation will assist with increasing the yield from a well.  Additionally, well remediation will help to alleviate issues of damaged equipment and increased pumping costs, while assisting with pump efficiency, static recovery, and exposing new areas of the well to oxygen.

Well Remediation from EDS Pumps & Water Treatment Ltd.

At EDS Pumps & Water Treatment Ltd., our well remediation program begins with a down-hole inspection and continues with flow testing, as well as chemical and bacterial testing.  It is important to determine which method of remediation is the best fit for each well, on an individual basis.  Well remediation methodologies include brushing and jetting, air shock, chemicals and surging.

Items to take into account when considering well remediation begin with performing a water analysis and determining the age of the well.  EDS Pumps & Water Treatment Ltd. performs a cost analysis of remediation versus drilling a new well, which we review along with local bylaws, the condition of the current well, and accessibility of the well site prior to making our recommendation.

Once the well is assessed, EDS Pumps & Water Treatment Ltd. will enter the results into our program, which generates a recommendation for the chemicals required for remediation.

EDS Pumps & Water Treatment Ltd., has over 150 years of combined experience in the pump and water treatment industry.  We are the experts in well remediation.  Our well remediation services will provide you with an increased yield from your well, prevention of costly equipment damage, a reduction in pumping costs, better pump efficiency, a cost savings compared to drilling a new well and an extension in the life expectancy of your current well.

If you would like to learn more about well remediation, or if you are interested in one of our other services or products, please contact EDS Pumps & Water Treatment Ltd. at 604-534-1115. We specialize in water pumps and water treatment services, and have been proudly serving British Columbia customers for over 55 years.