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Well Management Systems

At EDS Pumps & Water Treatment Ltd., we know how important well management systems are for properly controlling the amount of water being pumped from a well at any given time. That is why we offer a selection of water pumps, water treatments, and services to our customers throughout the Lower Mainland.

What is a Well Management System?

Well management systems are a recent arrival in the marketplace. They use time-based pump controls and make it possible to collect the entire output of a well. For instance, it is possible to collect 60 gallons per hour from a 1-gpm (gallon per minute) well without pumping the well down because only production is withdrawn.

How do Well Management Systems Work?

If the well pump can deliver 10 gpm, it will be possible to run it for six minutes and once per hour. The control can also be set to collect at any interval desired, such as 20 gallons every 20 minutes. Set up in this way, collection is never far behind demand and, given adequate storage, a well can produce as long as necessary.

Well management systems with atmospheric storage can store 440 gallons of water. Collection from the well can begin as soon as a few gallons have been used from storage, so there is always enough water to meet peak demand and there is less wasted, which enables well production to be maximized.

If you would like to learn more about well management systems, or if you are interested in one of our water pumps or water services, please contact EDS Pumps & Water Treatment Ltd. at 604-534-1115 to speak with one of our Water Treatment Specialists to find the right solution to your low water problems.