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Sanitizer Systems

The AWP Sanitizer SE1 Series is the only multi-purpose water treatment system that effectively removes hardness, hydrogen sulphide, iron & manganese; raises pH; and disinfects itself automatically during regeneration.

A unique microprocessor-based control is used on the sanitizer, designed to ensure consistent, maximum flow through the value. The electronic valve control is fully programmable. It meets almost every household’s water demands. Customers which have used this water treatment system have been very impressed with the results.

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Tips for maintaining your well

Pressure tanks

Pressure tanks are a very important part of your water system. They are necessary because without a pressure tank, the pump would turn off and on very rapidly (cycling) and eventually burn out the controls or pump motor. The tank also creates a constant, even flow of water to your fixtures.

All pressure tanks are not equal. The tank should be sized to the pump capacity and the household demand. It can be very confusing when selecting a proper tank for your system.

Our company likes to use a steel constructed tank that incorporates an NSF 61 bladder. In addition, our tanks have a Nitrogen filled air chamber which does not promote bacteria growth.

If you are considering upgrading your pressure tank, contact our knowledgeable sales staff to get a free estimate.

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Softener maintenance

Hard water is not suitable for drinking, cooking, washing, and other household activities.

Due to the presence of high amounts of minerals (calcium and magnesium), it forms scales inside the pipes and on cooking utensils. When combined with soap and detergent, hard water forms less lather and results in scum formation. Installing a water softener is an effective method to convert hard water into soft water.

Maintaining a water softener system is simple provided that you check the system on a regular basis.

Maintenance required:

  • Inspect and top up salt levels
  • Clean the brine tank
  • Service the control valve
  • Check the resin bed
  • Replace the resin bed

First, go through the user manual provided with the unit. This will help you in easy identification and repair of the malfunctions.

As part of our ever-improving services to our customers, our service crews are being supplied with a new product called Sani-System which disinfects most water treatment devices such as softeners, filters or Reverse osmosis systems. We look forward to providing this enhancement as part of our annual maintenance program.

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