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Rain Catchment Systems

At EDS Pumps & Water Treatment Ltd., we understand how important having a clean water source truly is. That is why we offer a wide range of water treatments, water pumps, and services to our customers throughout the Lower Mainland. If you are looking for a way to increase your clean water resources, a rain catchment system might be the solution for you.

What are Rain Catchment Systems?

Rain catchment systems are designed to collect and store rainwater for later use. Originally an ancient practice, rainwater harvesting is still used in many rural places throughout the world, and is becoming increasingly popular in urban areas as an additional source of water. In its simplest form, rainwater harvesting consists of rain barrels placed under the downspout to collect rainwater for garden irrigation; however, there are larger, more sophisticated rain catchment systems that can be incorporated into your home or business’ plumbing system in order to provide water for a variety of everyday needs (toilet flushing, washing machines, drinking water, etc.). In these more sophisticated systems, the rainwater is treated before it is used.

All rainwater catchment systems, no matter how simple or complex, have the same basic components:

  • A catchment area to capture the rainfall – usually the roof of the house or building.
  • A conveyance system to move the water from the roof to the storage area – usually eaves troughs, downspouts, or piping.
  • A storage system to hold the rainwater for further use – a barrel, cistern, or tank.
  • A distribution system to get the water from storage to where it is being used – this can range from a watering can to full irrigation with the existing plumbing systems in the house.

The Advantages of Using a Rain Catchment System

Rain catchment systems offer many advantages, such as:

  • They can offset the amount of municipally treated water, which will help reduce your water bill.
  • Larger cisterns can help divert water and retain runoff water from your property. This will help reduce the impact on local storm water infrastructure and combined sewer systems.
  • Stored rainwater can be used for landscape irrigation, even during watering bans, and can help replenish groundwater supplies with water that would normally flow to storm water systems.
  • For homes on well water, rainwater catchment systems offer a way to reduce well pump energy consumption, as well as reduce the amount of water the well has to deliver.

Rain Catchment Systems From EDS Pumps & Water Treatment Ltd.

At EDS Pumps & Water Treatment Ltd., we can help you design and implement the perfect rain catchment system for your home or building, with the help of our Intewa rain water catchment products. Our line of Intewa rain water catchment products is specifically designed for sophisticated rain catchment systems, helping treat rainwater so that it becomes a safe, usable water supply for everyday use. We trust our Intewa rain water catchment products so much that we are going to use them in a rain catchment system that will provide water the irrigation systems, as well for the toilets and outdoor hose bibs in our new building, which will start construction soon.

If you would like to learn more about rain catchment systems, or if you are interested in having a rain catchment system installed in your home or business, please contact EDS Pumps & Water Treatment Ltd., at 604-534-1115, so we can help provide you with a complete system design.