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Healthy Home Water Treatment Tips

Safe, clean water is important. At EDS Pumps, we are committed to providing customers throughout the Lower Mainland and British Columbia with home water treatment solutions that meet your needs. Using our water testing laboratory, we can recommend the best treatment solution for your home. To achieve the best results, try applying some of these healthy home water treatment tips.

Perform regular home water tests

It is impossible to know whether or not your home water is healthy without performing regular tests. There are many external factors that impact the quality of your home’s water, it is important to either conduct these regular tests on your own or through a certified water specialist. Home water tests can be used to determine if your water source is safe and healthy. A current water analysis will include readings of the minerals and metals, microbiology and physical characteristics of your water. Some of the key indicators are

  • Arsenic
  • Water hardness
  • Alkalinity
  • Iron
  • Bacteria
  • pH level
  • Manganese
  • TDS
  • Turbidity

EDS Pumps has a full testing laboratory to accurately check and verify if your equipment is working properly.

Learn about what is in your home water

Each of us consumes a great deal of water each day, the majority of which comes from our home’s water supply. It is important that we familiarize ourselves with our water supply so that we know what we are putting in our bodies. Not all water supplies are the same. Your home’s geographical location, climate, piping, and proximity to local facilities can all impact the minerals and ingredients in your home water supply.

Have your water tested by an expert

If your home water has an unusual colour, taste or odour and you are interested in having it tested by a certified water specialist, please get in touch with us right away as there could be unwanted mineral accumulation or harmful bacteria present in your home’s water supply.

Our Certified technicians can conduct a Water System Inspection to determine if your home’s water is at risk.  A written report will be included as a part of the inspection and will note what is required to bring your system into compliance with the New Drinking Water Regulations.

Use a reverse osmosis water treatment system

A reverse osmosis water treatment system can provide you with healthy home water, plus it’s cost-effective and better tasting than most bottled water.  A reverse osmosis system can be connected to your home’s refrigerator so that it is continuously producing healthy, clean water on demand. The reverse osmosis systems that we carry at EDS Pumps are long-lasting and capable of providing enough clean water for an average family.

Do you have more questions about healthy home water treatment tips? If so, please contact EDS Pumps at 604-534-1115. We specialize in water pumps and water treatment services and have been serving customers throughout British Columbia for over 55 years. Our primary focus is providing you with safe, clean drinking water. Trust the professionals at EDS Pumps for all of your water treatment needs.