News - September 2017

Correcting Low Pressure in Homes and Irrigation Systems

At EDS Pumps, we are always looking for new products that can help us serve our customers better. One of our new products, the Intelliboost R Series multi-stage VFD boosting pump, helps us do just that. This new product works to correct low pressure in homes and irrigation systems, when and wherever our customers need it. Intelliboost®…

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Water Treatment: Arsenic in Well Water

Arsenic is a chemical element with the symbol “As.” It is found naturally in rocks in the Earth’s crust. Arsenic is recognized as a poison and is a cancer causing substance or carcinogen. It can occur within organic compounds when combined with hydrogen and carbon, and within inorganic compounds when combined with sulphur, chlorine, or…

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Irrigation Water Pumps: Pro-Storm DSS

When it comes to designing the perfect irrigation system for your specific needs, the most important thing is knowing that you have the best irrigation water pump for the job. At EDS Pumps, we carry a variety of water pumps, one of which is perfect for uses in irrigation: the Pro-Storm DSS. Pro-Storm DSS The…

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