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"EDS has designed, built and maintained a number of water treatment systems for our operations. During the entire process they remained flexible and responsive to our needs and produced outstanding units within a short timeframe. We look forward to working with EDS again on future projects."

Brayden Veilleux
Business Development
LandSea Camp Services
Squamish, BC

I am a realtor and we use EDS for all of our acreage sellers and buyers. The customer service is great and the turnaround time for results is always fast. Wide variety of services offered. I highly recommend them. ~ Dave R   


"I have been dealing with EDS Pumps for a number of years on my rental property. They have always delivered outstanding service which keeps my tenant and I very happy. I won’t use anyone else!" ~ Candace C

"After a record rainfall, you were a company scrambling to help a customer in trouble... That is a very wonderful image and speaks very highly of EDS Pumps." ~ Anonymous

"I'd gladly recommend EDS Pumps to friends as a competent, customer-oriented business." ~ Anonymous

"Using the Well Cleaning Service offered through EDS Pumps I was able to save my farm! Before the Well Cleaning my well was only producing 2 GPM and I was looking at having to drill a new well. Now I get 22 GPM, more than enough to run my irrigation system and was able to save a lot of money." ~ B.B.

"I appreciated your quick response, the excellent work done by your staff, and the most reasonable rate you billed. You certainly made my day. Thank you so much." ~ Y.H.

"...the crew that did the work at this site was very good to work with and professional in the way they worked the job and dealt with questions from building occupants." ~ Grant Rasmussen, Line Manager (Invermere/Golden)