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Water Treatment: Arsenic in Well Water

Arsenic is a chemical element with the symbol “As.” It is found naturally in rocks in the Earth’s crust. Arsenic is recognized as a poison and is a cancer causing substance or carcinogen. It can occur within organic compounds when combined with hydrogen and carbon, and within inorganic compounds when combined with sulphur, chlorine, or…

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Irrigation Water Pumps: Pro-Storm DSS

When it comes to designing the perfect irrigation system for your specific needs, the most important thing is knowing that you have the best irrigation water pump for the job. At EDS Pumps, we carry a variety of water pumps, one of which is perfect for uses in irrigation: the Pro-Storm DSS. Pro-Storm DSS The…

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Water Treatment: Maintenance and Flood Proofing

Iron Filter Maintenance All water treatment equipment must be properly maintained. Iron filters, in particular, must have annual servicing to ensure that it backwashes properly. Iron filters take Ferrous iron, a solution in your water, oxidize it by turning it into Ferric iron, which is a solid that can then be filtered out. In order…

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Clients Appreciate our Work...

“Late in the evening we discovered we had no water. I called EDS the next morning and had a serviceman arrive in less that four hours. He went well above and beyond the call or duty and worked until 7:30 in the evening to replace the pump in our well. I would recommend EDS highly!"- Lynne Bishop
“Thank you, Dave, Jamie and the E D S crew. Your expertise and professionalism was appreciated during our recent well cleaning and pump upgrade. Your crew was able to rescue a difficult situation with our well that would otherwise have been expensive and time consuming. You are the Well Go to Guys."- Scott Graham
"Thanks for all your help over all these years."- Tony
"Did a water sample and gave me a quote. Everything was very professional"- A Google User
"I'd gladly recommend EDS Pumps to friends as a friendly, customer-oriented business!"- Amber J.
"I have been dealing with EDS Pumps for a number of years on my rental property. They have always delivered outstanding service which keeps my tenant and I very happy. I won’t use anyone else!"- Candace C.
"After a record rainfall, you were a company scrambling to help a customer in trouble... That is a very wonderful image and speaks very highly of EDS Pumps."- Anonymous
"I'd gladly recommend EDS Pumps to friends as a competent, customer-oriented business."- Anonymous
"Using the Well Cleaning Service offered through EDS Pumps I was able to save my farm! Before the Well Cleaning my well was only producing 2 GPM and I was looking at having to drill a new well. Now I get 22 GPM, more than enough to run my irrigation system and was able to save a lot of money.- B.B.
"I appreciated your quick response, the excellent work done by your staff, and the most reasonable rate you billed. You certainly made my day. Thank you so much."- Y.H
""...the crew that did the work at this site was very good to work with and professional in the way they worked the job and dealt with questions from building occupants."- Grant Rusmussen